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TR Sales Operations

My belief is that trust, openness, honesty, and loyalty towards the customer, in combination
with passion and daily hard work, is the foundation and the key for a successful business.
Thomas Ritter Sales Operations Profil

Thomas Ritter

What can I offer to my clients?

  • Interim sales support, for business software and consulting companies

  • Provide growth programs for my clients

  • Shape and implement go2market and strategy campaigns

  • 30 years of professional sales experience in the IT and software business

  • My knowledge and business network to act as a partner manager towards my previous employers, partners as well as customers

My Background

I am a highly successful sales professional with a strong track record in selling business software, cloud solutions and consulting services into international large enterprises.

I bring over 30 years of professional experience in leading sales positions at SIEMENS and SAP in the DACH region and Asia-Pacific.

Excellent communication, negotiation and closing skills.

I am a self-motivated leader with a strong background in developing, leading, and orchestrating virtual global teams.

My interpersonal capabilities have allowed me to build up extensive relationships across multiple industries, especially in the manufacturing and process industry.

  • Experienced sales professional with extensive experience growing businesses while genuinely helping global customers to do more and achieve more.

  • Long standing experience in different leading sales positions for consulting services, licenses (on premis and cloud), at Global Accounts in Germany and Switzerland.

  • Excellent communication skills, very strong in negotiation and deal closing, «Board room proven».

  • Assertive, success-driven, committed and «never-give- up» mentality.

  • Distinctive networker and team player.

  • Self-motivated leader with strong background developing, leading and orchestrate virtual teams.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and extensive relationships across multiple industries especially in manufacturing, automotive and process industry.

  • Instinctive and intuitive Salesperson.

  • Foreign experience of diverse cultural and business practices in Asia-Pacific.

  • Repeat award winning overachiever of qualitative and quantitative annual targets.

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